Consulting with the General Public

The Commission welcomes contributions from all members of the public on their experiences, views, observations, and ideas in order to carry out its mandate and fully appreciate how these matters affected individual, parents, families and the general public.

There are several ways in which you can share your views and provide input and please be on the lookout for the Commission Schedule:

  • animating focus groups;
  • holding community meetings;
  • receiving individual testimonies; and
  • written briefs from interested parties are welcomed.

Consulting with CBHSSJB Employees

We will use different means of consultation ​for different groups of CBHSSJB employees ​

  • ​Focus groups​
  • Individual / Group Interviews​
  • Presentation of Briefs 

Focus Groups

Small/medium size meeting with the front-line staff (2 hours) in each community​

Participants are invited to:​

  • Respond to questions as related to their role as employees of the CBHSSJB that will be asked by the commissioners.​
  • Bring up items/issues not covered by the Commissioners’ questions, as long as they are related to professional issues and respect the Participant Guidelines.​
  • Contribute comments/recommendations.

Individual/Group Interviews​

Individual or very small meetings with CBHSSJB managers​

  • Two types:
    • Regional level (senior managers)
    • Local level to capture a community perspective.​
  • Same expectations for participants (respond to questions, raise issues, share comments and recommendations) with a more global perspective, according to their role.

Presentation of Briefs

  • Written document, no limits on length or format, prepared by the CBHSSJB directors, in consultation with their immediate team.​
  • Briefs are usually accompanied by a verbal presentation.

Support for Participants

Mental health support is available for participants.

Read more about Support for Participants