To promote positive engagement by participants, and to ensure respect for confidentiality and privacy, the following guidelines (or norms) were established for these consultation sessions.

As participants in these sessions:

  1. We create a safe place for sharing

    – We treat each other with respect. People who act inappropriately may be asked to leave.

    – As a matter of respect and trust, we turn off our phones and other electronic devices during consultations.

    – We do not record or post anything online relating to the sessions.

  2. We respect each other’s privacy

    – We keep personal information about others to ourselves, such as information about specific children, family members or workers.

    – This includes names, job titles, or other details that would allow others to identify someone we are speaking about.

  3. We are kind to one another

    – We engage in a positive and constructive way with each other, with a view to making positive change rather than to blame others.

    – We share our views without blaming or accusing specific people or organizations.

By staying in the session, each person agrees to respect these standards and understands that there may be legal consequences for not respecting them, such as by posting information about the consultation on social media.

Please note that media are not invited to participate in consultations.  Any media interviews should take place outside of consultation rooms.