Update from the commissioners Bella and Lorraine on consultations in Eeyou Istchee – CBC North (Feb 8, 2024).

This interview of Lorraine Spencer and Bella Moses Petawabano is about the consultations held by the youth protection commission. The commission, affiliated with the Cree Health Board, has conducted visits to six of the nine Cree communities. The objective is to engage Eeyou/Eenou community members in discussions aimed at enhancing youth protection services to better align with Cree values and traditions.

Quebec Cree leaders move to adapt youth services to the ‘Eeyou way of life’ – CBC North (September 14, 2023).

On September 7, the Quebec Cree nation launches the Cree Youth Protection Commission. The commission aims to gather input on altering youth protection laws and services to better reflect Eeyou values, traditions, and culture. Chairperson Bertie Wapachee emphasizes the need for innovative solutions and broad participation from elders, parents, youth, and various Cree organizations. A task force, including representatives from the Cree Nation Government and other key groups, will advise on commission recommendations.