Consultation Process

We will use different means of consultation ​for different groups of CBHSSJB employees ​

  • ​Focus groups​
  • Individual / Group Interviews​
  • Presentation of Briefs 

Focus Groups

Small/medium size meeting with the front-line staff (2 hours) in each community​

Participants are invited to:​

  • Respond to questions as related to their role as employees of the CBHSSJB that will be asked by the commissioners.​
  • Bring up items/issues not covered by the Commissioners’ questions, as long as they are related to professional issues and respect the Participant Guidelines.​
  • Contribute comments/recommendations.

Individual/Group Interviews​

Individual or very small meetings with CBHSSJB managers​

  • Two types:
    • Regional level (senior managers)
    • Local level to capture a community perspective.​
  • Same expectations for participants (respond to questions, raise issues, share comments and recommendations) with a more global perspective, according to their role.

Presentation of Briefs

  • Written document, no limits on length or format, prepared by the CBHSSJB directors, in consultation with their immediate team.​
  • Briefs are usually accompanied by a verbal presentation.